Yes, we develop games. But our proposal is different.

Since itís birth, Insolita Studios is committed to the content of its products. Gameplay, script, art, design, an appealing mechanic: this is content. Because creating a rich and unique experience goes far beyond technology.

Everyone in our team shares this vision. Be it in the game design, code or art, our goal is to tell stories, create worlds and break concepts. And being bold is not enough, it is necessary to understand games in all of its forms.

And to want to know more.

All of this with planning. It is necessary to structure the dream and to know how to endeavor so that it becomes real.

This is our philosophy.

With products in Brazil and abroad and with experience in console, handheld and online games for various platforms, today Insolita Studios is focused on media convergence, social networks and to deepen the experience on mobile devices.

If you have a business opportunity or interest in a custom project, please contact us. We can work together.



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